Franklin Speaking Global

Franklin Speaking Global is a great device that can help you feel at home no matter where you are, by providing quick and accurate translations that you can use while you are traveling or trying to learn a new language. Franklin Speaking Global has everything you need to make sure you feel confident in your travels to a foreign country; helping you not only find your way around, but interact with the culture and locals as well. It is available in 14 languages including Chinese, Dutch, French and Korean.

How It Works

Franklin Speaking Global works as an electronic translator that includes a database of thousands of travel and everyday phrases in over 14 languages. It also features a visual dictionary that can help you to find the words that you are looking for by locating the image. The device also features a physical keyboard which makes typing and entering translations easy and quick.


The developer of Franklin Speaking Global is Franklin. It is not an application to use on an existing smartphone or tablet, rather it is an electronic pocket-sized translator that can help make your travels successful by having common phrases and saying available at any time.


The translation device Franklin Speaking Global is approximately $180. It is a good investment for anyone who is looking to travel and want to be able to understand their surroundings.


This nifty translation tool also features a full colorCategory-Translation Tools screen that is easy to read. It also features over 2.5 million entries in its database with over 14 languages to choose from. It also has a really neat feature in which notable hotels, travel destinations and street signs are translated for over 10 global cities. It is also a great pocket sized device that makes traveling with it easy. Now a drawback that many people share about the Franklin Speaking Global EST-7013 is that it is a standalone device dedicated solely to translations. This means that it is not an application available to use on your existing smartphone, rather a device that you will need to carry when on your travels. This means that it does not have internet capabilities, gaming or the communication capabilities of a smartphone.