Are you looking to hail a cab in a foreign city or country but don’t really know how? No need to worry because there is an application for that – introducing Hailo, a taxi cab application that can help you get around when you are out and about.

How It Works

Hailo is a taxi cab application that was first started in 2011 in London, England. It works by using your smartphone to hail a cab – this prevents waiting times and specifying what type of cab you need. Hailo has an application for drivers and an application for users allowing them to connect. Hailo also lets users store their payment method and information in the Hailo cloud, which provides easy access to credit cards and debit cards.


Hailo was developed by in 2011 by three taxi drivers and three technology entrepreneurs. It began as a start-up company that was funded by venture capitalists. After beginning in London, England the application has now become available in more than 16 countries.


The Hailo passenger application is free to download. It is available from the Google Play and App Store for Android and Apple products. It also has a mandatory 50 cent surcharge for the state it is being used in.


Hailo is extremely easy to use as it just requiresBusiness man hailing a cab. a double tap on behalf of the user to hail a cab and then confirm their email. Users are sent an instant trip receipt with journey and payment details. You can also tip the driver using Hailo. This is beneficial in case you can write off travel receipts for work, or you misplace on of your items in the cab. The driver app has many social networking features that can help make the drive safer and quicker by pulling up traffic conditions, road conditions and possible speed traps. Hailo is also very good for cab drivers because they are no longer scouring the streets looking for fares because they are receiving notifications via Hailo.

Hailo is a very beneficial travel application that can help connect cab drivers to cab fares easily through the use of a smartphone. It is really a win-win for cab drivers and those who are looking for a ride. It makes the whole process of hailing a cab easier, preventing chaotic city streets and delivering fast and easy service and payment methods. Next time you are looking to hail a cab, why not try using your smartphone?