Jibbigo is a translation application that can be used anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you have an internet connection or not, because it works online or offline. It features over 20 languages including German, Japanese and Chinese. Jibbago is available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

How It Works

Jibbago is different than many other translation devices because it does not require phone or data connections to work. It actually works offline and translates your voice. To use Jibbigo you hold down the record button and say what you need to have translated. The recorded word is translated into text in both languages and is played aloud. You can play it for yourself to pick up the language or for another person with whom you are trying to communicate.


Jibbigo was developed by Mobile Technologies. Its Spanish to English machine was released in 2009. The company has recently been acquired by Facebook.


The price for the Jibbigo Translation application depends on what translator offline pack is chosen, which work without the need for data or a Wi-Fi connection.


Jibbigo is an award winning translator for many reasons.Jibbago2 It is able to do many different functions including the ability to type and edit text, resulting in the translation that you need. This is a key function when it comes to modifying things culturally so that they make sense. The application also works while offline, making it a great choice if you are traveling because internet data and phone connection are not required. The application also includes a favorite function for access, a dictionary and more. Jibbigo is also great because it features a VoiceOver feature for vision impaired users on iOS.

Jibbigo is going through changes in order to become even better by listening to users and taking their feedback into consideration to create a translation tool that can work worldwide. With Facebook recently acquiring Mobile Technologies, the developer of Jibbigo, the connectivity and the usage of the translation app is going to become even more global.