Journey Pro is a travel application that works within the United Kingdom. It covers London Tube, DLR, Tramlink, River Service, National Rail, Birmingham Tram, Overground, domestic flights and the Glasgow Subway. It can make navigating throughout the UK easier and more accessible by having the right information at your fingertips.

How It Works

Journey Pro works by giving the user real time information about a variety of methods of travel within the United Kingdom. This helps to give users schedules, best routes and travel suggestions which is really helpful when trying to get around, either in a foreign city or if you are trying a different means of transportation and need related information.


The Journey Pro travel application was first created by NAVITIME. It works on Apple, Windows and Android devices.


This application is free, but will feature advertisements. If you are looking to not have to deal with advertisements, there is a paid option that does not have any for under a dollar.


The Journey Pro has many features that help to make JourneyPro screenshot.traveling within the UK a breeze. You can choose your own transportation method or just set your destination and see what methods of travel the results suggest. You can easily search for the nearest station, find out schedules, and view maps. The maps are “zoomable” meaning that you can look closer if you need to at the map. If you want to share your travel route in order to be safer or meet up with someone, you can do that easily. The interface is extremely easy to use, making getting around United Kingdom easy even if you are not familiar with it.

Many of the initial bugs have been worked out with each new update of Journey Pro. A major downfall is that it is currently only available for the United Kingdom, but many new locations are being added to make this application even more appealing to users.

Journey Pro is a really key travel application that can help you not only use maps to get around, but will give you schedules and prices more easily. Having the right navigational information available on your smartphone can really make you feel in charge and control of your travels.