Pin Drop

Pin Drop is an easy to use bookmarking application that you can bookmark your personal maps, locations and routes so that you can get around easily and without stress. You can drop virtual pins in order to create a customized map. You can also share your lists with friends and family, or keep them private for yourself. It is one of the first social mapping apps, because users generate the pins and therefore create the map.

How It Works

Pin Drop works by having the user to pin locations (similar to bookmarking), but on a map. Pin Drop is great for travelers, businesses and every day users for a variety of reasons. Pin Drop can be used by everyday people who simply want to remember certain locations (trails, sight-seeing attractions etc.). The user can pin the location and write a note so that they remember why they liked the location or memories that might have occurred there. These locations can be shared, such as great restaurants or locations to take photos. Some of the businesses that find this application to be extremely helpful include tradesman, delivery drivers, telecom companies, location scouts, surveyors and more. They can mark out locations, share better delivery routes and more. It also works really well for those who are on vacation and are not familiar with the area that they are in to remember neat spots that they come across on their travels.


Caffienehit LTD. is the developer of Pin Drop, the pinning map application. It works on and offline, which lets users pin locations even when they are without an internet access.


Pin Drop is a free application that operates on iOS and Android devices.


Pin Drop has many features that help making Two travelers using Pin Drop on their smartphone. traveling easier and customized towards you and your needs. You can use Pin Drop to find out ‘What’s near you’, and to send pins to your friends, and collaborate with friends in order to create the perfect travel itinerary. Pin Drop is very unique because unlike many other applications because you can plan trips and routes with friends and family easily via your smartphone. It also provides a greater way to find out reviews from friends and family by seeking recommendations on attractions, locations and restaurants. Pin Drop is very intuitive and customizable. If you find a location that you really find interesting, peaceful or fun you can pin it so that you can find the exact location and remember why you liked it there with a note detailing why.

Pin Drop is a truly innovative application that can act as a mapping journal, where you can share your locations and thoughts or keep them solely to yourself.