Looking to find a great meal at a good price? In the mood for chicken wings but have no idea where to get some? UrbanSpoon is a mobile application that helps you locate whatever type of food you are looking for. By giving UrbanSpoon some suggestions as to where and what type of food you would like, it will populate with suggestions, maps and reviews of restaurants. UrbanSpoon also offers contact information for many restaurants so you can easily make a reservation or find an address.

How It Works

UrbanSpoon works by having real users generate reviews and ratings by not only food critics, but real customers as well.


UrbanSpoon was developed by Wanderspot LLC. It is a top rated application, with a high number of users and repeat users. It has been installed over 20 million times globally.


UrbanSpoon is a free food and drink application that connects users with restaurants.


UrbanSpoon is a foodie’s most loved application. Group of friends meeting fora meal.If you like telling your friends about new restaurants, uploading photos of what you had for dinner to Instagram, or have a craving for fine dining, UrbanSpoon is the right app for you. UrbanSpoon is also good for those who are looking for certain dining aspects, whether it be budget-friendly eats, great service, intimate dining experiences, or just something different – just check out what is offered around you on UrbanSpoon. UrbanSpoon is also great because the reviews are user generated, letting you share your experience and read others. You can get maps, menus and reservations all at the tip of your fingers while out on the go. It is a good application for those who are looking to try something new around them as well.

Urban Spoon is not yet available globally which makes it only good for travelers in certain locations including Australia, Canada and United States. One downside of UrbanSpoon is that many restaurants have been caught writing fake reviews, thus inflating their ratings and overall score. If you are looking to use an application like UrbanSpoon make sure to read a few reviews to see if there is consistency within the claims.

UrbanSpoon can help you to find tasty restaurants, cheap eats, and fantastic service while traveling in a foreign location or if you are looking to try something new at home.